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How Deal of the Day Deals Strengthen Your Bond with Consumers

For any business, especially local ones, developing a strategy to foster customer interaction and regularity with your business is incredibly beneficial for not only your customers, but for your brand reputation as well. If you are a local Rochester business looking to strengthen your bond with your consumers, you may want to consider a “Deal of the day” program, or something along the lines of a customer loyalty program. There are several advantages to deal of the day or loyalty programs that are great for bringing in new customers, and strengthening ties with old ones. Chances are, you have heard

Keep Communications Efficient and Secure with a Strong Email Hosting Service

Since there were several platforms and services that allowed text based messages to be shared between users dating back decades, there is no real agreement on when the firs email was actually sent. However, ARPANET, which is considered the forerunner of the internet used today, defined the first protocols that would enable dissimilar computers to exchange messages, and, in 1971, the first ARPANET email was sent. Nowadays, virtually every business can benefit from email hosting that helps them be more efficient. Whether it is used to contact customers or for employee communication, a strong email hosting is a necessity. Many