A Newer Option in Windshield Repellent Treatments

Aquapel glass treatment

Anyone who has driven in Rochester in the winter knows how hard it can be to keep their windshield clear. And those torrential downpours in summer can be just as bad. Many people have their windshields treated with Rain X or similar products and treated Rochester windows are easier to to clear of ice snow, bugs and dirt. But with two locations in Rochester and Canandaigua there is a newer treatment option in Aquapel treatments that last longer and are not silicon based. Treated Rochester windows are not only easier to clean, they can dramatically improve visibility when driving, especially in those rainy, slushy, snowy conditions.

Auto windshields are not the only surfaces that can be treated. Aquapel glass treatments can also make your the outside of your home windows easier to clean. With window tinting rochester ny residents can also keep the inside of their homes cooler and lower energy costs by blocking up to 79 percent of the reducing the amount of solar energy coming through the windows. When applied to glass shower doors, Aquapel can also help prevent soap scum build up. Even if you do not need glass or window replacement, feel free to call to get a free auto or residential quote.