About us

Rochester is a great little city with big city ambitions. Park Ave is, if not the beating heart, the quivering gall bladder of the city. On your typical jaunt down Park you can find excellent offerings such as eateries, salons, festivals, apartments, chocolate shops, pubs, and students waiting for late university buses. Cannot abide by the fast pace of busy urban centers? Are you chagrined by the calm pastoral rural life? Need someone right smack dab in the middle of all that? Park Avenue is pretty much it. My name is Lydia Hargraves. I know Park Ave better than anyone. I was born on Park Ave and I was raised on Park Ave. In fact, I’ve never physically left Park Ave. Hard to believe, right? But it’s true. I was homeschooled and all of the food and drink I ever needed was obtainable on Park or through delivery services. I see no reason to leave Park. It’s so clearly the greatest street in the known universe, and to this point it has provided all I have ever needed or wanted. I am perfectly happy living in my small, self-contained world. If you come to visit Park Ave, you’ll likely see me! But you might not know it’s me. I’m certainly not going to tell you. Just think, any given person you see on that street from now on MAY JUST BE Lydia Hargraves! Wild, right? As the self-proclaimed Queen of Park Ave, I run this blog so that my royal subjects and visitors from outside my kingdom may get to know the street a little better. Come take a look at our website then stop down to Park Ave. to see what we offer!


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