Everything You Need to Know About Frameless Glass Doors – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

Resistance to weather

Frameless glass doors can appear delicate, but don’t let their appearance make you believe otherwise. Within the layers of strong glass are thin weather strips with a translucent appearance that insulate your home and keep UV rays out.

Width of the Open

It all depends on the dimension of your house. Frameless glass doors can be entirely customized to suit the needs of your home. They are generally no wider than 34-35 inches.


Glass laminated and tempered can be used for the manufacturing of frameless glass doors. They are similar as the glass you find in the windshields in your vehicle. In combination, the two glasses and weatherstrips are approximately half-an-inch thick.

Wider track in the lower part of the track

You can choose from several sizes of the bottom track, depending on what you need. They’re typically two and a quarter inches tall , and one three-quarters of an inch wide, or a low profile version that is one quarter inches high and one and three-quarters inches wide.

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