Heres a Simple Guide to Using Self Service Laundromats – Family Reading

f service laundromat. Laundresses explain which washing machines are available and where the clothing should go. He loads the clothes and selects the temperature for the wash cycle, and adds detergent, softener and inserts quarters. The dryer sheets then go into the dryer. When the door is closed, he inserts 25 cents and waits for 17 minutes. He is finished and folds the clothes. The guideline of the man can be helpful for those who may not be familiar with self-service laundry facilities and want help in operating the machines. Self-service washing machines require that you sort the laundry and load the washer. After the drying process is completed, the clothes can be folded and brought home. If you decide to open self-service laundromats it is important to study the instruction manual carefully and to not over load the machine. Keep watch on your laundry.