How to determine towing service pricing – Car Talk Podcast

G. Archer has been in business for over twenty years and has created The Tow Academy to help others run their businesses. Don tackles one of the main obstacles to pricing towing services: fear.

Some towing companies face difficulty pricing their service. There are some who charge more than they need to, but certain companies charge higher in relation to their actual value of their service. Charging lower than the value of your services is typically because of fear. This is more harmful than good.

When pricing services, it is best not to consider loss of profits and customer loss. Thinking about losses in profits could cause a decrease in energy and cause a lot of stress for business owners. A focus on profit could bring about a positive outlook and more successful results. This can include referrals as well as lower complaints regarding prices.

The customer will benefit from better service if you’re paying the extra.
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