How Your Social Security Lawyer Gets Paid – Investment Video

Payback due to claimant. In addition, the SSA will pay the fee due to retroactive benefits. This fee is fixed at 25% of retroactive benefits, and claimants don’t have to cover any other fees.

There are three distinct ways Social security lawyers may be compensated. The first is by the hour. This means the lawyer charges for every hour they spend on the case. The second way is that of a contingency fee. The client will receive benefits, and your lawyer will be paid if your victory is achieved. The third way is the flat fee. This means they will be paid a set sum of money, regardless of the outcome of the appeal.

You should also consider what amount of money you can earn by winning the case. A fee of hourly may be too costly in the event that your case isn’t big. If the sum is large, however, social security disability lawyers usually charge 25 percent contingency. The cost of contingency may be worth as the attorney can expect to get a greater percentage of the winnings. A third aspect to think about is how strong your case. If your case is solid then you could be able to get a better hourly rate with your lawyer.