Student Admission in WordPress School Management System – Small Business Managed IT Support


In order to begin using the applications for admission to higher education begin by selecting School Management on the left edge of the WordPress dashboard. Thereafter, click to Admission. Then, you’ll be directed to the admissions webpage with all the information you require. Then click on the Admission Formula. Edit the admission number and the dates as necessary. Input the information for each pupil, including the name of the student, their birthday date, gender, address and the state. If you can, add an email address for the student , as well as the address of their former school.

WordPress also has a section to provide information about siblings and information about family members. After you’ve filled in all the information necessary about the student who has been accepted, it is possible to select “New Admission” at the end of page. After returning to the admissions page, you’ll notice two choices under the field for Action: ‘View or Approve.’ To access additional information regarding the person you are registering for, and the information that you’ve put in the enrollment and management software, press the ‘View’ button.