The Real Reason Persian Rugs Are So Valuable – Shopping Magazine

Ian rugs are hand-knotted carpets, which have been in use for more than 2,500 centuries. The reason Persian rug so costly and precious? Check out this video to find out more. Persian Rugs have come to be famous all over the world. They’re believed to come from Iran, formerly also known as Persia. Persian carpets are valued for their aesthetic appeal as well as skilled craftsmanship. Rugs are made from silk or wool They are typically crafted with intricate and intricate design.

There are Persian rugs in many homes and places around the world. Rugs are considered to be an artwork reflecting the cultural and heritage of its owners. The finest Persian carpets may cost tens of thousands of dollars or even million. As an example, the most expensive rug was a 17th-century antique rug which sold at $33.8 million.

The knotting process is very specific and takes lots of perseverance and knowledge. One rug may have more than a thousand knots in a square foot. It will take years for completion. They require creativity, as the weaver is allowed to draw inspiration and communicate what’s on their minds.