The Rochester Neighborhood With So Much to Offer

Park ave fest rochester

The Park Ave Rochester area is one of the unique gems in Rochester. It features an urban feel and seasonal events for a diverse demographic. In fact, it could be one of the best known shopping districts with eclectic shops, restaurants, and pubs featuring a unique college town feel in the heart of Rochester.

Park Ave apartments have become premium properties since the depressed neighborhood of the 1950s were turned around to become choice residences and apartments. Historically, the neighborhood of Park Ave Rochester came into existence around 1850 and evolved as one the first city suburbs. Now it gives way to excellent Park Ave Rochester Restaurants and is the setting for the Park Ave Fest Rochester NY, a familiar staple since 1976.

The annual Park Ave Fest Rochester is probably the biggest neighborhood festival in the metro area. Not only does Park Ave Rochester completely open up for business, it draws a huge mix of vendors, artisans and performers to the neighborhood for a weekend event. Neighbors plan extensively for both the parking logistics and the parties that pop up all over during Rochester ny park ave events like the festival. Make sure you take time to listen to the bands featured during the festival and to sample the huge selections from different food vendors.

Even when there is no festival in the Park Ave Rochester neighborhood, you are assured an awesome meal at many of the restaurants and you can find the perfect gift from the shopping district. The restaurants range from quick and convenient comfort restaurants to fine, elegant restaurants that will set you back a bit of cash. Shopping seems to span the spectrum as well. There are high end art galleries and “bohemian” boutiques intermingled with little treasure troves and gift shops.

It is small in area, but Park Ave Rochester is constantly evolving and updating to the trendy tastes of its residents and visitors that take pride in having such a treasured neighborhood nearby. Whether you live there, visit for the festival atmosphere, or frequent the many shops and restaurants, you will come to appreciate Park Ave Rochester too.