Tips for Cleaning Your A/C Unit – DIY Home Ideas

To get the most efficient efficiency, it’s best to get service for your air conditioner. However, if you want to clean the AC by yourself, here are some cleaning tricks that might help.
The task will require at least 6 hours dedicated to this task. Cleaning an AC is a series of work. It is important to allocate adequate time to clean the system properly. It’s best if you have a balanced diet prior to beginning the task because some jobs will need agility and precision.
It’s essential to have an appropriate set of tools for the job. The tools you may require comprise a screwdriver in order to cut off the grille that protects the AC. You will also need a soft brush to clean of the coils that condensate. A paper towel as well as a spray bottle will come in handy, too, as cleaning other parts of the AC.
It is vital to turn off power prior the start of the task. This is to prevent any short circuits if that the AC is in contact with water. For an in-depth guide to cleaning the AC, click the link.