What is a CDPAP Program? – Reference Books Online

A thorough study of what’s most suitable for the situation. Have you considered an CDPAP program? Find out more about CDPAP, and how it could be the right choice for you.

CDPAP Programs allow relatives or close friends help care for loved ones. It’s the Medicaid program that gives assistance to those who are chronically physically or mentally disabled, or require assistance in completing their ADLs (ADLs). This is an ideal option for those who are scared to visit a nursing home due to one or the other reason. There is a chance to get a reimbursement for taking care of your loved one via the CDPAP program. They can communicate and live with someone they trust. Caregiver is accountable for the daily chores and tasks.

Watch this video to learn more about the advantages of CDPAP. Consider the possibilities with loved ones. Make sure to talk with the person in need of care about their opinion. Discuss with a patient who is using CDPAP regarding their experience before making any final decisions. This requires research and time before you do!