What Is Gun Liability Insurance? – Quinn Direct Insurance

Gun owners are required to buy gun liability insurance and pay a small annual fee of 25 dollars. This fee would be paid to an non-profit group that is dedicated to the prevention of gun violence.

Following the latest violent incident that led to the shooting that occurred at San Jose, San Jose is firmly committed to decreasing gun violence. Political leaders are hoping to avoid further tragedies by applying the policy changes. This ordinance is based on the idea that guns should be treated in the same manner as cars. In order to drive in a car, one has to be insured for a car as well, the same logic should be applied to guns.

Gun rights groups believe that they believe that San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo is infringing on their freedom. They’ve threatened to sue him. Liccardo declares that ownership of guns even though it is a constitutionally protected right does not mean that it isn’t regulated or subject to fees.

If this law is successful within San Jose, similar policies could be put into place throughout the United States. When you purchase a firearm, be sure you are informed of the legal requirements you have to be adhering to.