What Is Mediation In A Lawsuit? – My Free Legal Services


The mediator’s role is to facilitate the process It is therefore crucial to know the role of a mediator and the types of this method that exist.

The mediation process may be a court-appointed process or one that is voluntarily accepted by the of the parties in the lawsuit. Mediators can be engaged to handle cases of all sizes and types. We’ll first look at what negotiations and binding mediations are as. It is rare to apply binding. It also involves arbitration simultaneously when the mediator cannot come up with a solution that is acceptable to both sides The mediator can make that the arbitral decision is binding.

Negotiated mediating is a slightly distinct process in which all three participants, including the mediator also included, arrive at one another. The mediator does not have the ability to take a decision on the basis of consensus, like it is in binding mediation.

For more information on the role played by mediators as well as specific conditions that are applicable to mediation, watch the video that we’ve linked to above.