What You Can Do When Your Roof is Leaking; Five Common Causes – Reference Video.net

e suddenly, like the tree’s limb hitting a building, or, over time, as the wear and tear that is caused by the elements. If it happens, it’s essential to identify the issue early before wind, water, and pests can make the damage worse. Most homes can withstand anything as long as the protective exterior layer remains intact but once that’s breached, serious damage could occur beneath the floors as well as within the walls. That’s why proper maintenance is crucial, particularly during the event of severe conditions.

Signs of the presence of water damage or leaks in a roof can be seen in evidence of mildew or damp in ceilings or walls, bubbling paint on walls or an unusually musty smell in an attic space.

This video was created by a roofer and outlines not only strategies to spot potential threats for your house, as well as what you can do to address them while awaiting repairs. Be sure to exercise cautiously when you attempt your own roof repairs, and know the point where it is time to contact a professional roofing company.