Who Profits from Prison Bail? – Kredy Online


Of prison as a cost it has been a long-running debate. In the past, the richest have been permitted to benefit from a better treatment system, as those in need are not able to be released until their trial. With all the issues about bail, it’s being used in our prison system. Who is the party that really gets the many millions of dollars that each year are spent that are paid out to bailiffs? This video by CNBC offers some insights into the issue of bail in the American justice system.

The richest and people who are known as bond brokers are most likely to profit out of bail for prisoners. Bond agents cover a suspect’s bail, while charging the victim a fee of 10-15% on the cost. A suspect’s family members usually pays this fee instead of the imprisoned person. Bond agents take some of the profit. When they make their bail wealthy people pay no charges. They get all their money returned when they appear in court. CNBC says that their process is biased in favor of the wealthy.