Are Vehicle Safety Ratings Accurate? – Car Talk Podcast

It’s crucial to ensure that the vehicle you drive against any injuries that may occur in an accident. The majority of people are concerned with safety ratings which can easily find online. But, is it really accurate? The short answer is “No.” It’s a lot more complicated than the answer. In this video, we will learn more about safety ratings and what they are required to be updated.

Safety testing is usually done with just a handful of automobiles and crash dummies. The tests cover head-on collisions with rollovers as well as T-bones. This is not enough. The United States has not seen significant change in their crash tests since the beginning of the 21st century. European nations continue with their inventions and refusing to acknowledge the standard.

Other countries are also implementing more authentic crash simulations. They don’t talk or move. They’re more faithful to how real drivers look. This is especially important to model female drivers whom bodies differ from those of males. It is particularly important to keep in mind that over half the drivers in an automobile are female, and more prone to injury in a crash.