Auto Repair Basics Under the Hood – Work Flow Management

The car can be repaired using asic repairs or maintenance yourself with the help of this instructional video. Be sure to keep the guide handy since DIY can be done.

Check the oil and inside of the hood for any fluids. These include cooling fluid for the windshield and windshield washer fluid. Ensure they are above the required level and free of contamination. Look in the manual for them.

Make sure the coolant isn’t cloudy or oily. If the fluid for the brakes needs an refill, take out an additional bottle since it will begin to discolor over the course of three weeks if unopened.

The oil that is dirty might require to be replaced based on suggested mileage, after which an oil change is due. The air filter will need to be replaced if it is filthy. To find the correct air filter, refer to the owner’s manual.

Make sure to regularly oil the moving parts so that they don’t squeak. Lubricate all hinges and latches inside the trunk, underneath the hood, as well as on the doors.

To verify the tire pressure, use either a stick or a digital pressure gauge. For the best measurement, you must do it while the tires are cold.
The blades of the wiper should be replaced each year, at a minimum at the end of winter. i2z4qor6z1.