Different Types of Power Wheel Chairs – Bright Healthcare

as slow or fast as your needs. There are safety horns accessible.

The folding power wheelchair is ideal for those who need something that can be transported conveniently and often. The folding wheelchairs can make use of less area, which makes them easier to fit into a vehicle trunk, van , or an SUV.

Travel power wheelchairs are essentially similar, except that they can be disassembled instead of being folded together. They are heavier, more durable , and much easier to transport.

Larger power wheelchairs provide more weight and durability and also are easy to disassemble. But they’re not as easily transportable because of its greater size and weight. There is also an elevated wheelchair. This can help you reach high shelves as well as be on the same level with the other passengers.

There’s a wide range of choices when it comes powered wheelchairs. If you’re considering these possibilities, ask your doctor or physical therapist for referrals.