How Park Ave Pub Rochester NY And Others Are Keeping Residents Happy

Park ave salon rochester

One of the newest and most exciting developments to hit the Rochester NY scene is the Park Ave Apartments, which are high quality apartment units nestled in the heart of town. This community is relatively new, very upscale yet accessible, and has a median age of 31 for residents. So basically, young families live here, retirees live here, and people just starting fresh out of college live here too. In Rochester Park Ave represents a very dynamic community in which people can live, dine, shop and work.

So where do the people living in this desirable apartment community go when they want something to eat or something to do that is within walking distance? Often, they head to Park Ave Pub Rochester NY, where the service is excellent, where the wait staff and general managers are friendly, and where the food is delicious. Patrons love that they can easily walk to Park Ave Pub Rochester NY from their apartments or they can bike there too, since trails exist and since there is not much distance between the apartment community and Park Ave Pub Rochester NY.

Additionally, they love that Park ave pub rochester ny is firmly invested in the Rochester NY community, hosting community events like Park Ave Fest Rochester. Among the many Park Ave Rochester restaurants, Park Ave Pub Rochester NY often stands high above the rest for its community commitment, for its food and for its ambience, which has the feel of a hometown restaurant where everybody knows your name when you walk through the doors.

Of course, Park Ave Pub Rochester NY is not the only place these apartment dwellers frequent, nor are these apartment residents the only ones who head to Park Ave Pub Rochester NY and to other places in town either. Lots of people come from all over town to stop in at the area’s top salons and to shop at the many stores the center is known for. They take in the sights, eat at a few restaurants, do some shopping, and then head to their homes for some rest and relaxation. But while outsiders often come in for some fun times at Park ave rochester NY, the center truly is made for its residents, who can walk or bike to the center and get all of their shopping and dining done in the same location. This, above all things, has been the main draw for dwellers.