Rochester Park Avenue

Park ave pub rochester ny

Living in one of the Park Ave apartments is perfect for someone who loves living in a bustling neighborhood with lots of things going on all the time. Take shopping for instance. One of the most popular areas to go shopping is along Rochester park ave. On Rochester NY Park Ave, shoppers can revel in all the vibrant shops there filled with all the things they need. The entire area is attractive and friendly. Anyone just passing by on a walk will love the fact that they can stop and chat with others as they stroll along Park Ave Rochester. If you live in one of the apartments, you are just east of downtown Rochester and within easy walking distance to various shops, bubs and restaurants.

One of the fun things to do each year on Rochester Park Ave is to attend one of the many planned activities. Many people come out for the Park ave fest rochester. Eating and dining in the Park Ave Rochester restaurants is always popular with the locals and with visitors alike. On any given day, you will see residents sitting and reading their newspapers on the restaurant and coffee shop patios along Rochester Park Ave. Residents love going about errands, jogging or walking their dogs along Rochester Park Ave. It is just a nice area of town to be in if you like all the hustle and bustle of everyday life being shared by friendly people.

Every year in December, Rochester Park Ave is lit up with bright lights and holiday decorations too. Taking a stroll along Park Ave on a December’s eve is a thrill. You can enjoy all the friendly hospitality and free entertainment, the smell of roasting chestnuts and the sight of horse drawn carriages, Santa Clause and other holiday characters while you do your holiday shopping on Park Avenue in Rochester New York. A quick search on the Rochester forums will give you insight and suggestions about other fun events that happen each year along Park Avenue too.