How to Build a Home Golf Simulator – DIY Projects for Home

It is possible to create an online golf course from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to keep your body healthy at home without needing to go to a golf course.

You will need a few components to make your own home golf simulator. Rick Shiels built his home simulator from a couple of elements that allow him to feel as if he is out on the course.

Then, you’ll need an unbreakable screen so that a golfer can strike and not damage. You will also need a projector for projecting the simulation that you wish to make on your screen.

Rick has added a mat to the the top of his astro turf and believes it’s a fantastic option. Astroturf can be added to the area you play golf in to improve your golf experience and make you feel like going to the course, or driving at the driving range.

Simulation games like Foresight Sport or whatever you like can be purchased and then connected to a GC Quad Launch Monitor. This will allow the simulation to work at its best.

Balls and golf clubs are among the most important items. You can arrange them however you want and begin playing! The typical 18-hole course covers 125 – 150 acres. But when you have a simulator for your home it doesn’t require you to travel that much!