The Basics to Drywall Installation – Rad Center

Here are some suggestions for the installation of the drywall. Butt and Tapered surfaces There are two sides to a piece of drywall — the tapered one and the other. This is how you join two pieces of drywall. This makes a smooth surface that is simple to fix by means of joint take-and-compound. It is more difficult to join the butt ends. Fasteners You shouldn’t walk into the hardware store and purchase the first box of drywall fasteners. There are two types of screws available. You can use each type of screw on a different frame.

They have threads that are fine and can be used to make metal studs. Though these exist in a normal home, they’re not standard. Choose screws with larger thread. The majority of the time, they work well with wood frames. Whatever the kind of frame, the screws need to be 1.5 times more than wall’s thickness.

To cut drywall, you can either use a utility knife (or Rotor) blade. The latter is certainly the more effective option. However, prior to using it, make sure the safety equipment you use is working properly.

A utility knife can also allow the cutting of short cuts. You are always at risk of digging into the paper , and then into the powder. It’s a risky practice.