The Latest Technological Advancements in the Safety of Core Drillers – Technology Magazine

Maxi Rig drills are equipped with modern technology that provides maximum control and speed for rotation. They can cut through rocks and clay. Operators and technicians have access greater information via smart onboard technology.
Core drillers operate quietly so that noise levels are reduced. A few models feature engines that have a control of RPM. This makes them fuel-efficient.
Core drillers with self-diagnostic capabilities aid in quick and efficient trouble-shooting to reduce interruptions. Some core drillers have sensors which transmit telemetry data from the machine to the cloud , maximizing the visibility of data. The data gathered helps companies keep track from being unable to monitor drilling and ensures the observation of rules and adherence to drilling depths.
To ensure safer working conditions and better health, the drilling industry has shifted to the use of electric power. Electric core drillers provide more secure than diesel engines. They produce less heat , and decrease fire danger.
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