Understanding Different Cooling Tower Parts – A Tech Blog

The industrial and commercial facilities use ACs to remove heat from buildings. The video highlights the interior of cooling towers as well its function.
The cooling tower functions through bringing air and water to meet. A portion of the hot water evaporates, and the cool water is left inside the cooling towers to be recycled. The principal parts of a cool tower comprise the fan motor and water pumps. A basin for water supply is also included.
Hot water is brought through pipes and then it is pumped to the top. The hot water is distributed throughout a huge area via distinct pipes. Then, it flows across slats made of plastic or wood. These further spread out the water, allowing it to contact the air. This cools the water further.
The cooler water collects in the supply basin below the slats, before it is pumping back into the building. It’s easy to comprehend what the cooling tower does. k2usfhd3oq.