Tornado Wreaks Havoc on Farmstead in Broad Daylight Todays Entertainment News

Inds are capable of taking off shingles, even when they are from a distance. In this video, you will see the storm chaser come up near a tornado, in the bright light of day. It will be evident as it absolutely levels farms.

An EF4 tornado struck Dalton in Minnesota on July 8, 2020. Storm chasers film funnel clouds in the sky. The term funnel cloud refers to turbulent clouds. The funnel cloud is actually a tornado that remains in the air above the ground. Storm chasers wait anxiously for the funnel to descend. The funnel cloud does not necessarily mean there’s going to be tornadoes. After just a couple of minutes of being attentive, the cloud is able to descend on the surface. When it gets bigger, you can clearly see how much debris gets collected. The chaser gets closer in order to have a better perspective. It is also possible to see cars belonging to storm chasers rushing towards the scene. As soon as they are there, the tornado has grown to an powerful EF4 tornado. The pictures show how swiftly it tears a farmstead into pieces.