What You Didnt Know About the Cremation Process – Andre Blog

It is up to us whether the family choose to either have them burial or cremated?

If you prefer cremation or your loved one’s wishes before their death you can find a couple of advantages that come with cremation.

The biggest benefit is that cremation is far less costly than that a burial. This is why it’s an ideal option for families with limited financial funds to give their loved ones an appropriate funeral.

The process of creating a body, as Tharp Funeral Home as well as Crematory describes in their film “The Method of Cremation and the Crematorium,” follows the strict and precise procedure that is overlooked by cremation specialists, who ensure that the procedure is carried out smoothly. First, the body must be examined by a medical professional for metals like jewelry and pacemakers. The body is then transferred to a casket, or container, according to the requests of the deceased’s family. The retort must be heated before the casket or container is put in with a merchandised door. This happens when the body of the deceased is set in a vessel or casket.

The cremation process takes approximately 3 to 5 hours, depending on the strength of the retorts are and also the size of the body. The remains are then transferred into an urn . They are then passed to the relatives of the deceased. 945jcszuyr.